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Kim Update !!!!

daughter-219small.jpgdaughter-212small.jpgdaughter-208small.jpgdaughter-207small.jpgdaughter-206small.jpgdaughter-202small.jpgdaughter-205small.jpgdaughter-199small.jpgdaughter-198small.jpgdaughter-197small.jpgKim got her Visa and she is leaving tomorrow!!!  She will be going to Karaganda!!!  Will try and keep you posted about her progress but since she is in Karaganda and I am in Ust it may be tricky!!!  But will do my best!!!!


Today was another great day of visits!!!  It is officially day 12 of  bonding and I can hardly believe it!  Tomorrow we only get to visit one time to the baby house because we need to go and do some paperwork in the AM.  I am officially about 1/2 way through the time for the first trip.  I am worried that Karina will forget me when I go home and wait for the appeal process to be over and the final paperwork to be prepared.  My friend Dana who is here said she would give pictures that I have printed to Karina every few days to remind her and little treats (hair ribbons, stickers, that I leave for her) while I am gone.  I hope that she is excited to go and not afraid – I so much more understand how difficult it must be for these little brave ones to leave the only home they have ever known and follow a near stranger across the world to a new home.  I imagine it is bravery like soldiers must have.  They are so small and vulnerable and have to be so brave.  To be asked so much at such a young age….it really makes me want to protect her from all hardship and disappointment for many many years because she has already had to deal with more of it then most of us will in our entire lives.  It makes me realize that each and every one of these pint sized rugrats is basically a survivor.  Independent, tough and strong they have all endured and it makes me grateful for all the wonderful things we have in the West that we take for granted umpteen times every single day. 

Yesterday, when I arrived at the baby house I saw that Karina had a nice chunk of surface skin missing from her index finger.  I asked what had happened and found out she had caught her finger in the zipper of her new pink skirt!!!  It looked like it must have hurt like crazy when it happened.  When Karina saw me asking about it she stuck it out to show me and I kissed it several times (after putting half a gallon of antibacterial neosporin on it) and said “Poor Baby!”  She liked the babying so much I was asked to kiss her booboo about 40 more times throughout the visit.  I think she liked the attention and babying and it felt very good to give her it even if her finger didn’t hurt at that point anymore.  Then today she was packing up to go and accidentally packed away part of one toy she wanted to take back to her group.  When she realized that half of the toy was missing she flopped down on the floor and began to cry in frustration.  I called her to me (she is just barely beginning to realize that she can come to me to solve her problems) and after about 10 seconds she made her way over to me and I hugged her and said we will find it, we will find it….I could tell that she understood me and we went and looked in her backpack that she had packed up where I knew it would be…when I found it and gave it to her she leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek unencouraged.  It was very sweet.  I imagine she will eventually figure out that Mama is a good person to help her with problems/frustrations/booboos, and as I see that understanding slowly dawn it is very very rewarding.  I know, as an adult, that it is nice to have friends and family to count on, and that when she figures out that she has someone she can always always count on she will blossom even further…..if that is possible since she is already like a beautiful flower in the sun to me. 

Yesterday, the head doctor / orphanage director was walking through our playroom and I was showing Karina picture cards that had a picture and the english word for them. I would show her the card and say the word …..Moon………….bird………….hat……..etc.  To show off for the head doctor/orphanage director (which they call Big Mama) Karina repeated every card /word I read…..and I read about 30 of them.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!   My daughter is a genius!!!  Harvard here we come!!!!  Anyway, it made me realize that she is very very smart and very very capable when she wants to be …… I intend on encouraging her with raisins when we get home and other healthy snacks as she is very much ready to eat when the food comes in …… in the morning visit she is ready to pack up when she sees the food arrive….. she doesn’t want to miss a meal……and I am very glad she is this way since she is one of the healthiest children I have seen at the baby house.  Well fed, well loved and very well adjusted.  I have added more pictues as I am sure you have seen.  Next post I will add a map of Ust that I have drawn out for APs coming here with a write up of the good restaurants, malls, shops, and a basic description of the town and how long it takes to get from one point to another by walking.