Journey to Kazakhstan

All about my international adoption from Kazakhstan

Say hello to the newest Sharify!


I visited with Karina – not sure of the proper spelling yet – she is 3 and about to turn 4 years old in March.  She is beautiful and healthy and sweet and I get to go back again today for a second visit in about two hours.  I will take more pictures and post more about the days experience.  It was absolutely unbelievably stunning.  I am in love.


Second Visit!!!

Here are some more photos of Karina taken during the second visit today.  She is very active and inquisitive and will get along with my friend Tara’s little girl Shelby famously.  In fact her actions and way of playing reminds me of Shelby to a T.  We were playing with little tubs of play dough and she would put the cap on each one and put each tub away in her cubby one at a time.  She also loved taking things out of her backpack and then putting them all back inside.  She laughed out loud at the images she saw in the view finder.  When we were putting away the play dough she broke up each chunk of play dough and put it in the little tub a bit at a time so it would fit.  Then Alma (my coordinator / translator) asked her to put the correct color lid (matches the play dough) and she picked the correct lid each time.  Every time I would catch her and squeeze her she would giggle.  If I pick her up she puts her head down on my shoulder and hugs.  She is so sweet and fun and active and has a great personality.  I promise to write more especially about the first meeting and will post it tonight – which would be about mid day your time.




  Sara wrote @

Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful indeed!! We are so happy for you! This is what it’s all been leading up to and it sounds like it’s been an easy and successful day. You deserve it!

Can’t wait to see more photos and hear all about the big day.

Sara and Julian

  Darlene wrote @


I’ve been following along on your journey through Matt & Suzanne’s site. We are headed on the the same journey and wanted to let you know our prayers and best wishes are with you and that very special little girl that is the chosen one.
Congatulations and keep us posted!

  Sandi wrote @

She is so cute…. I am thrilled for you, all the waiting led you to a beautiful daughter.

I can’t wait for more pictures and updates.

Congratulations Sandi

  Kim (not THAT kim) wrote @

She is adorable! I love, love, love the pictures of the two of you together. I am so happy for you and for little Karina!!! (that first day is the most amazing feeling ever, isn’t it?)

  Catalina wrote @

Congratulations, mommy! Karina is so beautiful! What a wonderful day in your life! She was already dressed up for you in the first day! I am very happy for you! How old is she?

  Susan wrote @

awww you just put a huge smile on my face. She is gorgeous! She looks ilke my sister did when my sister was that age…and my sister is a really HOTTIE now at 38. 🙂

I’m so happy for you. thanks for making my Monday.

  kristan wrote @

I put breakfast on the table for my boys and had to come to the computer. I know you are thinking, I’ve never heard from this person before and now she’s here every time I put on my computer.

Karina is precious! I have a Kaz Karina too although we kept her given name as her middle name since her brothers named her during our wait.

Kristan (lurking no more, wink)

  Kathy wrote @


She’s a doll!!! Congrats……..


  Kim wrote @

Congratulations! She is beautiful!! And what a great smile! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  karen wrote @

She is adorable! What a smile…..As a fellow Toddler adoptive mom, it is a wonderful fast-paced journey….get your running shoes on! If you don’t already have it, have your friends run out to Barnes and Noble and buy 1000 first words in Russian…great pictures and russian words to communicate just about any object and even emotions with a young child. We used it for months to communicate and just enjoy. He still calls it “my Russian Book”. So Happy for you!!!! Karen

  Jackie wrote @

We love the new pictures!!! She is so pretty! Congratulations!

  Lundie wrote @

I’m speechless. And crying. 🙂 And so ready to get to know her!


  Angela wrote @

YEA! She is so darned cute. Can you believe how different your life is already? It is just amazing! I am so glad that you found Karina.

  kim wrote @

I am so happy for you! She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!!!

  Suzanne wrote @

Amy- She is adorable ! Simply adorable! Congratulations! You are adorable too! Did you bring all those toys with you?! How much did you pack!? I am so so so so s os ohappy for you! What a blessing!

  Tasha wrote @

She’s precious!!!

What a happy family!

  Chrissy McAllister wrote @

Oh Amy! Congratulations! I don’t have internet access at home, so I have to come to my office to do some blogstalking. I was so thrilled and surprised to catch up with your eventful weekend this morning! I’m so glad your travel was so smooth! And Karina is so totally adorable, and you look so happy. I am rejoicing with you!!!!!

  Tara wrote @

Amy –
Hooray for you. I am such an internet novice. Thankfully Lundie forwarded your link again this morning with such wonderful news! I’d been thinking about you on your trip. She is a beauty & we are all excited to meet her.

  Sarah wrote @

Wow!! You made it! 🙂 She is a complete doll. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, but I check in often, can’t wait to follow along on this incredible journey. Our daughter was 3 months shy of 4 when we adopted her in 2003, it is a wonderful age! Take care!!

  Shannon wrote @

Oh she’s so cute! I love how she’s all dressed up in that first photo 😉

  Heather wrote @

Amy! she’s amazing! That smile in the last photo says it all! You are both so lucky to have found each other. She sounds smart and loving, and it’s going to be so much fun to see her blossom in your arms. Enjoy every minute of it!!!

  Karen & Glenn wrote @

Amy, we are so happy for you! She is so CUTE! It is so exciting to follow your story, especially since you’ve been so generous about keeping us up to date on everyone else’s stories! We cannot wait to see new pics every day. We know you are so busy, but we hope you’ll keep writing. We will be out here checking up on you both. Continued best wishes!!!

  Jennifer wrote @

What a beauty! And the bows!! I love the big, poofy bows. I actually miss them! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations and I can’t wait to hear about your day.

  Regina wrote @

Oh Amy, she is positively PRECIOUS!!! I am so happy for you both! It’s amazing how your life can change so dramatically in just one day. Just one meeting. Just one smile. And her smile is beautiful! What a gorgeous little thing. Uh, I’m crying! Congratulations on finding your sweet daughter and finally having her in your arms. Please keep us posted….

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