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So I talked to Eldo and my flight reservations are now on hold for three days – that is right up until Thursday (supposed day of flight) can you believe it?  And the price did not change one red cent.  So cool.  Anyway, now the new thing to wait for is noon tomorrow.  At that time I will be able to find out if the Kaz Embassy has my confirmation number and how fast I can get the Visa processed.  That will dictate whether or not I keep my current flight reservations for travel on Thursday or if I scrap those and try again with a date that should work based on the estimated date of my Visa/passports return. 

 So fellow adoption watchers…tune in again tomorrow…same blog time, same blog channel! 


Welcome to my confusion.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times!

 So I have my confirmation number and Bill and Dana have theirs.  Now the hope is that the Kaz Embassy sees the confirmation number in their system tomorrow when Assistant Stork goes to the Embassy with our Visa Applications and Passport.  We must wait until tomorrow to find out what will happen.  The options are:

A) They don’t see it.  This means that Assistant Stork will have to go back on Thursday (the Kaz Embassy is not open on Wednesdays) to see if they see the number in their system.  If they see the number in their system on Thursday then they will hopefully be able to process the Visa right away – if I expedite my Visa (for another $90 – I am bleeding $100 bills right now) then they can do the Visa probably within a day or so and have it overnighted to me by Monday of next week.)

B1)  They see it in their system.  Then I can have them expedite the Visa (see above for cost) and hopefully they can do it by the end of Tuesday – which means the packet can be overnighted to me and back to me by Wednesday in time for Thursday evening flight.


B2) They see it in their system.  I pay the expedite fee and it gets done some time after Tuesday (remember they are closed on Wednesdays) so Assistant Stork wouldn’t be able to get it until Thursday and then overnight it to me to be here on Friday.  And I would then be leaving on Friday…maybe have to talk to Eldo at Golden Rule Travel.

 Of course then there is the possibility that they don’t see it in their system on Tuesday, or Thursday, and see it in their system on some weekday (not Wednesdays because daggumit they are closed on Wednesdays) beyond that date.  Uuuummmm… what do I do?

 Bottom line – is call Eldo and tell him we won’t know until mid day tomorrow when I may or might get the Visa/passport back.  Hhhhmmmm….not knowing.  It is a state I have come to ummm know well.  Do they have a football team in this state?  I want to know who to root for.  They could be called The Idunnos.  Go Idunnos go!!! 


I think I have broken the record….

for refreshing my browser more times in a ten minute period than anyone else!  Must keep looking for the email from Alla regarding the confounded confirmation #. 

Spent the weekend packing and cleaning and double checking my automated bill paying.  Still have a bit to do but not a ridiculous amount!  Will be ready for take off on Thursday evening if the confirmation # arrives at the Kaz Embassy on time…..and if the Visa is processed on time….and if the Visa and my passport make it back to me on time.  Hhhhmmm…quite a lot of ifs involved in this part of the process.  You know what?  I have not been this calm in a long time.  All of these ifs are completely and utterly out of my control.  So, I refuse to stress out about them. 

Just trying to get things accomplished here at work (in between my browser refreshing fixation) so that I can leave feeling pretty good!  Hope all is well with everyone out there in the PAP world!