Journey to Kazakhstan

All about my international adoption from Kazakhstan



Thank you for your kind thoughts and words.  My sweet fuzzy face Woofus died on Tuesday night November 27th at 7:00 pm.  He lay on my chest and I hope he knew how much I loved him.  I certainly knew how much he loved me.  Dogs will love their owner no matter who that person is or what kind of person they are.  All they require for their devotion is a warm bed, a meal, and a scratch behind the ears.  Human beings can learn a lot from these simple but pure creatures. 

Years before Woofus was born I distinctly remember thinking if I ever had a dog I would name him Woofus.  I don’t know what prompted me to think about this at the time or where the name came from….it was almost as if it just came to me.  I feel like some higher being knew that I would need warmth and affection in the years to come and so I knew of him before he ever existed.  After I got him and named him I would have many people ask me how I came up with the name Woofus, partly I think because it was such a cute and goofy name, and partly because when they met him it was clear to see how perfectly the name fit his personality.  I never knew what to tell them, that I knew his name before I knew him…so I would tell them a little girl down the street suggested the name and it stuck.  It was easier than telling them the truth. 

He was truly a good dog, a good Woofus, my little boy and all who met him took a liking to him because of his sweet disposition and spunky personality.  Thank you for being my friend all these years…at times I felt that he was the only being there for me…and I think this is why he was a part of my life and for so long.  Some angel knew that I would need him.  I hope that I was worthy of such devotion.   

I have nearly 16 years of memories of Woofus – him as a puppy racing down the sidewalk his ears (that he still had to grow into) flapping madly in the wind reminding me of Dumbo, at the 3rd floor apartment in Elmhurst where in the morning I would let him out the back door and stand on the porch and watch as he raced down three flights of stairs to the patch of grass to do his business and then in a flash he would race back up unaided, the night at the apartment I had in North Hollywood where I tried various ways to pen him into the kitchen with multiple objects (didn’t have a gate) only to have him break out time and time again like Houdini dog – this went on for about two hours and I finally gave up exclaiming gosh darn it!!!I have been to college for heaven’s sake!!, and when I was sad he could tell and was always there ready to play the role of a box of tissues (or maybe he just liked the salty tears) and always managed to cheer me up with his sweetness. 

I will remember you always as my good friend and I hope to see you again some day.

Woofus, Woofmeister, Woofie

March 29, 1992 – November 27th, 2007



  In Memory | Lundie’s Life wrote @

[…] Woofus […]

  Regina wrote @

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Farewell sweet Woofus. will live on in your mommy’s heart, and others who were lucky enough to know your love.

  kim wrote @

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure Woofus knew how much you loved him! I know you will see him again one day.

  Amy wrote @

Thank you again for your comments and good thoughts. Not crying as much this afternoon over Woofie. I just can’t believe how hard this has been. I was just shattered for the better part of the morning. Eating and sleeping are all affected…feeling a bit better this afternoon. Trying to focus on other things like the adoption but having a hard time of it now.

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