Journey to Kazakhstan

All about my international adoption from Kazakhstan

My dossier is on its way to Kaz Embassy in Washington!

Oh joy!  I received an email from my coordinator last night after I left work saying that my dossier had been fully translated and reviewed and it was on its way to the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington DC.  I tried to see if it had been sent via FEDEX using the account I set up for the adoption but I couldn’t see that anything had been sent so maybe it went another way. 

Last night I went to a local Caribou Coffee where several good friends go to work on various knitting and crocheting projects.  The other single lady I mentioned, Kim from Oswego, (not the same Kim as from my office) was there and we got to talking about timelines.  She is about nine weeks further along in the process than I am and is waiting to hear what region she is going to.  She seemed very calm to me – I can’t imagine being as calm as that and being that close to traveling.  It is really nice to have someone nearby going through the same process – she was very funny when the ladies asked her if she was ready – she said she was all ready and if someone would just tell her where she was going she had no problem getting on the plane right then and there. 

As usual she was a great help in that she could tell me a precise timeline of her dossier from the point I am now to the point she is now.  So, using her timely information here goes. 

Dossier sent to Kaz Embassy – October 5th

Dossier in Kazakhstan at the Ministry of Foreign Affiars – October 25th

Dossier at the Ministry of Education – December 3rd

Then it should go to the Ministry of Education in my region – December 17th

Then I should receive the Letter of Invitation – December 31st

Then I should be traveling about twoish weeks later – January 16th

 So, I guess I am going to be going almost a month earlier than I originally thought.  When I first figured this out of course I had a bit of a panic…I of course had the “what the heck am I doing” series of thoughts – which by the way are still wandering around in my head today.  Fortunately, I have read enough stories about adoption and on other people’s blogs that I know that this is a totally normal reaction.  I am so ready to be done with the doubt phase of my life regarding this experience and parenting.  Worrying about how I will do – if I will make a good parent or not – is getting well rather old.  I have come to the conclusion that someone who was going to actually be a crumby parent wouldn’t have invested as much time as I have worrying about whether or not they will make a good parent.  Did that make sense?  Anyway, it did to me.  And I am done with worrying, at least about this anyway.

That leads me into the next thought that popped into my head, which was, “Holy Cow I am nowhere near ready.”  Fortunately it is the weekend now and I am able to spend it running around like a chicken with my head cut off making lists and doing things on those lists.  January 16th is like 13 weeks away.  I have a million things to do.  I spent this morning fixing some minor plumbing issue in my house and then scrubbing floors and the fridge.  I am working at a much faster pace than I normally do when I have a weekend and I am wondering if this could be the beginnings of nesting.  I have not had the desire to carry any twigs and leaves in my mouth yet but trust me you all will be the first to know if I do.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I have to get back to scrubbing the stove.




  Lundie wrote @

LMAO!!! (twigs and leaves…) You crack me up girl!

  One Thousand Gifts – Part 66 | Lundie’s Life wrote @

[…] Hearing Amy’s joy over a gift registry and some twigs and sticks. Don’t ever take the little things for granted. […]

  Amy wrote @

I haven’t lost it completely but I tell you there is so much I want to get done and off my mind. I could really use two or three days off just to concentrate on all this stuff. Maybe I will take it around Thanksgiving.

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